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“I’m going to be perfectly honest here in my review. My wife and I have been looking to buy a used Mercedes Benz or a BMW for the past few weeks. We weren’t sure if the Benz or the Beemer would be more reliable. I literally called half a dozen mechanics and repair shops in Phoenix to ask their opinion as to which maker offered a more reliable used car. Most said “Benz”. When I called Andrew, he spent several minutes on the phone explaining his thoughts, what to look for, and even referred us to a friend of his to buy a car. I also asked every shop what they would charge to inspect a car prior to us buying it. This place charged 50% less than their competitor in the same area! AND… Andrew said that if the inspection revealed repairs that were necessary, the inspection fee would actually apply to the repairs!! How cool is that? Not one other auto repair shop I called offered that! So we found a used Benz that we didn’t love, but the owner was desperate to sell at a very low price. So we had the car inspected. I’m so glad we did! Thanks to a very thorough review of the car, we chose to not buy that car as the amount of work needed wasn’t worth it. The best part was that he gave us an unbelievable deal on the cost of the inspection… I can’t post publicly what he charged us, but I was shocked to say the least. Andrew shoots straight and seems 100% professional and honest. Based on our experience, we would recommend this auto repair shop in Phoenix, especially if you own a European car.”

Local Business Rockstar – Phoenix, AZ

“Thank you for taking care of us so well, Andrew! You make it an easy choice to come back with the service and honest feedback you provide. The trip went great and without a hitch. The X5 handled beautifully and blew all the cold air we could handle. Thanks again to you and the team! We’ll be in touch within a month or so to get the rear break service done that you recommended. ”

Eric H. – Phoenix, AZ

“Thanks so much for walking through this with me. I appreciate your thoroughness and your time. I always dread the annual maintenance appointment because I think it is going to be horrible. Never once has it been horrible. I hung up today and am smiling. I’m telling my colleague how great this place is for auto maintenance. Even at $1,300 it’s okay. I’d rather do it and have it ready for my daughter next year.”

Chris B. – Phoenix, AZ

“Thanks again for the great work on my car. I can always count on you and your team to provide quality work and most importantly, I know I can trust you to always be ethical. See you soon and thanks again!”

Helen E. – Vice President of Finance, Better Business Bureau serving Greater Arizona


Been going to Atwood for many years now first with my VW and now with my BMW and Benz. Atwood has saved me much money over going to the dealers. Everyone is extremely friendly and always makes you feel comfortable there. The techs are always happy to answer questions about your vehicle and fix only what is necessary. Super nice guys all around and very competent.

Ken R. – Tempe, AZ

My best friend recommended Atwood to me. He is a car collector who has entrusted several exotics to Andrew over the years for repair. I knew Atwood must be good otherwise my friend would never recommend him. I have had two Mercedes S Class’ since I started doing business with Atwood. The first, a 2000 S430 I bought used with 58K miles. I sold it when it had 120k. Throughout the time I owned the car Andrew not only kept it in great condition but also gave me valuable advice when I was ready to sell it and buy the 2007 S550 I purchased a year ago. He has kept it in great shape and me away from the front end and transmission problems this car is infamous for. I can only guess the people posting negative reviews on this page were either dreaming or doing business with someone else. No way it could have been Atwood European.

Bob G. – Sun City, AZ

I have known Andrew since 1986 and would highly recommend him to anyone as an honest and trustworthy person. His manners are impeccable and his willingness to help and strive for excellence go with out saying. It is his strive for excellence that led him to working on Mercedes and European autos in the first place and having experienced his service first hand in Australia and US you will not find a better person to take care of your car.

Clynt H. – Phoenix, AZ

I had my 2003 BMW 530i serviced with Atwood European several times and recieved nothing but excellent service at a very fair price. They fixed a power seat issue for 25% of the cost that I was quoted from the dealer and did this without replacing unnecessary parts that the dealer was trying to bill for. The only BMW/ Mercedes mechanic in town that I would trust to do my repairs.

Matt O. – Chandler, AZ

After having my car serviced at Atwood European I would never go anywhere else. They take excellence care of my car, they only fix what is necessary, and always go above and beyond. I have never met a more skilled mechanic than Andrew, he knows more about Mercedes and can diagnose and fix just about any issue. His prices are very fair and always better than what the dealers charge for a similar service. I have referred a number of friends and family to Atwood European and everyone is equally elated with the service.

Bob C. – Scottsdale, AZ